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Im a smartass, a artist, and horror writer, what more do you need to know. Now go do something productive. Commission Info Here ----> http://fav.me/d6b25v 1

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Prices are clickable and will take you to previews

Hey guys I wanted to add a little something to this that Ill fix into the journal layout as I go but someone asked if they could buy me a gift for a commission value, and I thought about it and I was thinking it would be easier for the most part for me to get games or cool stuff like Batman Snuggy >3>. Any how, so I thought I would add a wishlist to my steam wishlist, Newegg and Amazon when I get those done. So Ill list them here below as an option to pay for a commission instead of Paypal or points because some people don't have those kind of options at times. So say you get me a game from my steam wishlist Ill count that towards a drawing of the value of the game at the time, and please don't buy something on sale then wait for it to go back to reg price then give it to me, that kind of cheats me but its fine if you do. If you guys want a better understanding of this then please don't hesitate to ask and I should have the computer paid off here soon :). So here are the links

Amazon Wishlist - TBD
NewEgg Wishlist - TBD
Steam Wishlist - http://steamcommunity.com/id/CorpseKillir/wishlist/

Terms of Service
- I reserve the right to decline all requests

You can use your commissioned piece freely, display it on your website, journal skins and so on for any NON-commercial use.
I would like for you to credit me where ever its posted and link them back to me if able.

However you may NOT use it for commercial use in any way,

-Regular commissions are NOT to be used for anything like:
Book illustrations, covers, or any other publishing that depicts the artwork or for any profit you may hope to make.
Regular commissions cover NON-commercial use only. You may not make prints of my work to sell. I still hold legal rights to the art. Commissioning me means that you are agreeing to those terms.

-You will be given a preview via stream, all payments must be up front or half up front and the remainder half after the piece is completed and once I´ve received the payment I will keep you updated with the progress of your commission.

- All commissions are NON-refundable.

-Commissions may vary in time, I have a life outside of my art. If you have dead lines, please be up front about it or if you can't accept that commissions may take a while then I am sorry but my life is first

-Any hentai commissions, will be posted on my HF, Newgrounds and Blogger

-After piece is completed I will send it to you via email and have it posted where it belongs


These prices are final and can not be negotiated

All prices are listed in American dollars $USD.</div>

Icons $7

Sketch $7

Lineart $10

Flats $15

Cell Shaded $30

Character Sheet $50

All prices may change and may vary on complexity of what is asked.

Also, im open to most things for work, but I have some do's and dont's, make sure to state what you want before hand before I say its ok

Additional Characters is 50% extra for first and then 25% for second more in the their in area

So for example three character cellshaded commission would become $30+$15(add. character 1)+$7.50(add. character 2)= $42.50

Hentai Table

Hentai addition is 50% the current price, for example if you want a Cell shaded hentai piece of two characters that would be a additional $22.50. Math equation below:

$30 (Cellshaded) + $15 (Add. Char.) = $45 then $45 (Original Price) x 50% (Hentai fee) = $67.50 for hentai piece


Method of payment: PAYPAL

So message me with the Following to get started:

Email address.

Form of payment.

Type of commission. Lineart, Cell Shaded, etc.

IMPORTANT!! Give me as much information as you possibly can about your request, reference, pictures.
If its a personal OC tell me everything about the character, eye color, hair, beauty marks; anything that you feel is vital.
The more info you give me the more you´re going to like the end result.
Also if you have a stock photo for reference this will help me as well with pose you want.

- Corpsekillir